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-stm32flash komplett syntax:\\ +stm32flash ​v0.4 komplett syntax:\\ 
-<​code>​./​stm32flash  +<​code>​Usage:​ stm32flash [-bvngfhc] [-[rw] filename] [tty_device | i2c_device]
-stm32flash 0.4 +
- +
-http://​​ +
- +
-ERROR: Device not specified +
-Usage: ​./stm32flash [-bvngfhc] [-[rw] filename] [tty_device | i2c_device]+
         -a bus_address ​ Bus address (e.g. for I2C port)         -a bus_address ​ Bus address (e.g. for I2C port)
         -b rate         Baud rate (default 57600)         -b rate         Baud rate (default 57600)
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 Examples: Examples:
         Get device information:​         Get device information:​
-                ​./stm32flash /dev/ttyS0+                stm32flash /dev/ttyS0
           or:           or:
-                ​./stm32flash /dev/i2c-0+                stm32flash /dev/i2c-0
         Write with verify and then start execution:         Write with verify and then start execution:
-                ​./stm32flash -w filename -v -g 0x0 /dev/ttyS0+                stm32flash -w filename -v -g 0x0 /dev/ttyS0
         Read flash to file:         Read flash to file:
-                ​./stm32flash -r filename /dev/ttyS0+                stm32flash -r filename /dev/ttyS0
         Read 100 bytes of flash from 0x1000 to stdout:         Read 100 bytes of flash from 0x1000 to stdout:
-                ​./stm32flash -r - -S 0x1000:100 /dev/ttyS0+                stm32flash -r - -S 0x1000:100 /dev/ttyS0
         Start execution:         Start execution:
-                ​./stm32flash -g 0x0 /dev/ttyS0+                stm32flash -g 0x0 /dev/ttyS0
         GPIO sequence:         GPIO sequence:
         - entry sequence: GPIO_3=low, GPIO_2=low, GPIO_2=high         - entry sequence: GPIO_3=low, GPIO_2=low, GPIO_2=high
         - exit sequence: GPIO_3=high,​ GPIO_2=low, GPIO_2=high         - exit sequence: GPIO_3=high,​ GPIO_2=low, GPIO_2=high
-                ​./stm32flash -i -3,​-2,​2:​3,​-2,​2 /dev/ttyS0+                stm32flash -i -3,​-2,​2:​3,​-2,​2 /dev/ttyS0</​code>​
-Exit 1</code>+== Mer information == 
 +* [[https://​​|]]
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