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stm32flash komplett syntax:

stm32flash 0.4

ERROR: Device not specified
Usage: ./stm32flash [-bvngfhc] [-[rw] filename] [tty_device | i2c_device]
        -a bus_address  Bus address (e.g. for I2C port)
        -b rate         Baud rate (default 57600)
        -m mode         Serial port mode (default 8e1)
        -r filename     Read flash to file (or - stdout)
        -w filename     Write flash from file (or - stdout)
        -C              Compute CRC of flash content
        -u              Disable the flash write-protection
        -j              Enable the flash read-protection
        -k              Disable the flash read-protection
        -o              Erase only
        -e n            Only erase n pages before writing the flash
        -v              Verify writes
        -n count        Retry failed writes up to count times (default 10)
        -g address      Start execution at specified address (0 = flash start)
        -S address[:length]     Specify start address and optionally length for
                                read/write/erase operations
        -F RX_length[:TX_length]  Specify the max length of RX and TX frame
        -s start_page   Flash at specified page (0 = flash start)
        -f              Force binary parser
        -h              Show this help
        -c              Resume the connection (don't send initial INIT)
                        *Baud rate must be kept the same as the first init*
                        This is useful if the reset fails
        -i GPIO_string  GPIO sequence to enter/exit bootloader mode
        -R              Reset device at exit.

        Get device information:
                ./stm32flash /dev/ttyS0
                ./stm32flash /dev/i2c-0

        Write with verify and then start execution:
                ./stm32flash -w filename -v -g 0x0 /dev/ttyS0

        Read flash to file:
                ./stm32flash -r filename /dev/ttyS0

        Read 100 bytes of flash from 0x1000 to stdout:
                ./stm32flash -r - -S 0x1000:100 /dev/ttyS0

        Start execution:
                ./stm32flash -g 0x0 /dev/ttyS0

        GPIO sequence:
        - entry sequence: GPIO_3=low, GPIO_2=low, GPIO_2=high
        - exit sequence: GPIO_3=high, GPIO_2=low, GPIO_2=high
                ./stm32flash -i -3,-2,2:3,-2,2 /dev/ttyS0

Exit 1
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